Secret Price FAQ

Q. How much can be saved by booking rooms with the Hotel Psychic versus on a standard travel site?

A. It may range from a high of around 60% to as low as 10%. Exact savings vary by hotel, destination and dates.


Q. Can I book any hotel using this special service?

A. No, only certain hotels participating in the program may be reserved with the special savings. We can book any hotel at regular rates if you want to be 1000% sure of what hotel will be booked.


Q. How many hotels do take part in offering these super cheap prices?

A. About 20% of the potential hotels, but it varies from city to city and season to season.


Q. What if I don’t like any of the secret rate hotels offered?

A. To find regular rates at just about every hotel use our published cancelable hotel search or our hotel sites comparison search links here or at the top of most pages.


Q. Can I book any destination in the world?

A. Provided a special rate exists for the area, travelers may book both domestic and international hotels. Expect to find some offers in most cities around the world. Certain smaller rural towns may offer no participants. Right now, the system works best in the US, primarily in terms of the number of offers available where we can identify the hotel property.


Q. Is there really a psychic?

A. Our primary “psychic” holds a US patent in artificial intelligence and studied with a winner of the Nobel Prize. The hotel suggestions come from more science than ESP.


Q. How exactly do you predict the hotels?

A. The process involves special knowledge and access to an unpublished rate system and reverse engineering techniques. Our methods are patented, proprietary and as far as we know are not public including elsewhere on the internet.


Q. Does the data source know you are potentially revealing all of their secret hotels and are they OK with that?

A. We offer this service in conjunction with the data publisher and they have approved our concepts, provided we follow specific guidelines and make sure all users understand that we may be wrong. Travelers must be happy with the hotel they get as long as it sits within the geographic zone selected and earned the star rating requested.


Q. What if I would only book the particular hotel suggested by the service?

A. We will be happy to reserve any specific hotel. If you are not willing to risk that we may be wrong and you could end up at a hotel other then the one we predict, even though it may be in the same area with the same star rating, then you should not book the hotel as a using the special low price.


Q. Can I learn about an an unpublished rate including your exact hotel prediction and book the room later?

A. We don’t suggest this. Our system relies on up to date information which may change quickly. Not only can prices change, but hotels may withdraw rooms from the potential pool even if the hotel has not sold out.


Q. Who provides the booking services for these cheap hotel deals?

A. Large US based hotel travel services provide reservations and customer services.


Q. What is the exact process to book a cheap travel deal using the Hotel Psychic service?

A. First tell us the dates of your trip, the city where you want to stay and the number of rooms you need. Depending on the area you requested the system will take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to process it’s data in order to find the secret deals and predict the hotels for you. Larger cities take the longest. Once it’s ready you’ll see the secret hotel deals including guaranteed hotel areas, star rating, regular hotel price, amenities and the secret hotel rate along with our hotel prediction. Selecting a particular hotel deal brings you to a page to learn more about the predicted hotel including a full list of amenities. Below the hotel description you can compare our secret hotel rate to our regular hotel price and the best price from our multiple site comparison service. You see other options as well so you can see all options in one place and make the best selection. Click on the book now button corresponding to the offer you like. If you picked the secret hotel rate, on the confirmation page after booking you will know the specific hotel booked, very likely the one we predicted.


Q. How many rooms at a time can I book with Hotel Psychic?

A. Up to 4 rooms at a time may be reserved, but the service works best when requesting only one room.


Q. What if I need more then 4 rooms?

A. You can make a second reservation after booking the first 4 rooms, but there is no guarantee you will get the same hotel or the same price for the second reservation. In fact, it could be the first 4 rooms accounted for all hotel rooms available under the program and there are no more offers.


Q. Where do these secret unpublished rates come from?

A. When hotels have unsold rooms they offer them for cheaper prices in order to fill them. If people who booked at full price knew other guests got the same room for up half off or more they would be annoyed. Some other guests might not book in advance, waiting to see if rates dropped. In order to avoid these issues, when deep discounted rates are offered potential hotel guests do not get to know the hotel they are booking before they commit and pay in advance for the room. It’s also very standard practice for hotels to hold to a policy that no published rate shall be offered lower than the price on the hotel’s home website. Since all of our deals beat the hotel’s page, they must remain unpublished and secret.


Q. How can you publish these crazy low hotel rates?

A. Because we don’t know for certain what the real hotels associated with the special prices may be either. When we provide the name of the hotel it represents our prediction. It may stand as a professional prediction and an excellent prediction, but it’s only a prediction and it might be wrong. If you need to book with no risk about the hotel you still need to book the published rates.


Q. What do travelers get to know with a your hotel reservations?

A. You always get to know the city, the neighborhood within the city and the star level of the hotel, the user review rating and guaranteed amenities plus our best guess as to the exact hotel.


Q. What are the amenities we see on the amenities tab after clicking on a hotel offer?

A. Those represent a full listing of amenities for the hotel we predicted. The small list of amenities from the initial hotel list stands as a set of guaranteed amenities even if our prediction come out wrong. When we are correct, you get the all amenities list in that tab which go with that hotel.


Q. How wide an area will constitute a neighborhood?

A. That really depends on the city. In Manhattan it might be a few blocks, out in the country if could be several whole towns.


Q. When do I pay for the hotel using Hotel Psychic?

A. You always pay in full and in advance at the time of the hotel reservation. The reservation becomes confirmed on upon submitting your credit card information.


Q. When do I learn about the exact hotel where I will stay?

A. Within seconds of making the booking on the confirmation page.


Q. What if I am unhappy with the hotel I was placed at?

A. There are no refunds, transfers or changes of any kind allowed. If you think you might be unhappy with another hotel of the same quality in the same neighborhood you should not risk using secret price service.


Q. What if something comes up and I cancel my whole trip?

A. You can buy travel insurance at the time of the booking, but other then a claim on an insurance policy there are no changes, refunds or cancellations. You will find insurance options on the confirmation page after booking.


Q. What if my plans are not solid or I need a specific hotel?

A. In these cases you should not try for one of the special deals.


Q. How about if I really do like the deal and I want to extend my stay or book more rooms?
A. Often you will get the option to double your booking. This can either mean staying twice as long or booking twice the number of rooms. Even where this offer remains the general policy it’s subject to availability. As a general practice, book what you think you really want upfront and leave the potential extension for if plans change.


Q. Do I get to choose my bed type with these offers?

A. Sometimes yes for no extra charge, in other cases yes but certain bed options cost more. Most times you do not get an opportunity to pick a bed type when making a reservation, but once you know the hotel you can call the hotel directly and they will almost always honor your preference if they have enough availability. You need to understand you are committing whatever bed type and room type they have available and if they do not have room to accommodate your request you need to be happy staying where they put you.


Q. Can you book condominium accommodations using Priceline Express Deals?

A. Sometimes in larger resort areas, but the service works much more frequently with hotels.


Q. Can you book a suite at a regular hotel using the secret rates?

A. Rarely. When a room choice is offered you may find a suite as an option, but not often.


Q. Are there other reasons to use Hotel Psychic besides saving money?

A. Many people will use the service to spend the same amount they may have already budgeted for hotel accommodations, but because they booked with this system they got a 4 star hotel at a 2 star price.


Q. Will I still get my reward points if I stay at a hotel where I am a rewards member?

A. You will not get any additional points for your overnight stays. However, at many hotels if you are higher level member, perks like a free upgrade or morning paper may still be honored. And if you let them know about your membership any additional charges, like meals eaten at the hotel, should earn points.


Q. Where can I learn more?

A. Use our contact form or call us at 800 598 0080.