Terms & Conditions

1. All secret rate offers must be paid in full in advance and may not be canceled or changed at any time for any reason. Cancelation insurance may be offered from an unrelated third party. Other than through cancelation insurance, no refunds of any kind for any reason shall be granted.
2. The exact names of the hotels represent only predictions. Users accept the risk that they may be booked at a hotel with the same star quality and in same geographic zone other than the particular hotel predicted. Users should not rely on any history of previous precise predictions. Each booking carries the risk that the hotel prediction may prove inaccurate. The exact hotel name will be revealed upon booking.
3. All rooms accommodate two guests. Unless specified in the particular hotel offer, special needs, exact room or bed choices remain the option of the hotel. Guests may contact the hotel directly to request an option for a room type or bed, which hotels usually grant when they can, but users must understand these choices are not guaranteed.
4. Frequent stay program points will not accrue for stays using the secret price system.
5. Guests occupying the room must specifically be named in the reservation and must be prepared to show proper identification. One party may make a reservation for another, but the person staying in the room must be identified by name when booking. No changes will be allowed after the initial reservation.
6. Your reservation involves three parties. A provider of a special rate, the hotel itself and Hotel Psychic who provides the software to make the booking and offers the hotel name prediction. After the reservation is confirmed most customer service will go directly through the hotel, note a specific confirmation number and contact number for them on your booking page. The party who offered the rate will be identified on the booking page as well, including their own number and confirmation ID. Hotel Psychic may try to advocate for you in certain cases, but once booked all customer service and control lies with the hotel and the party who offered the rate.
7. In addition to these important items, you also agree to all additional terms and conditions as well as the privacy policies of this site, the reservation service and the hotel. You must click on the links to read these policies and terms except the hotel policy which you must obtain from them yourself.
8. When making a booking guest should only expect the “Guaranteed” amenities. Inclusion of the “Predicted” amenities relies on an accurate hotel prediction.
9. The reservation holder must be 21 years of age or older and must present a valid photo ID and credit card at check-in. The hotel may charge you for mandatory (e.g. resort) fees or incidentals (e.g. parking). These charges are not included in your reservation price.